Twitter for BlackBerry 10 gets several improvements

Twitter yesterday announced that it have released updates for the Android and iOS apps, leaving BlackBerry 10 users to wonder when they would also get an updated version of the app. Well the micro-bloggin platform has answered all questions with the release of an update to the Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 Mobile operating system.

Twitter for Blackberry 10The new Twitter for BlackBerry 10 introduces a new way to post tweets that includes files such as photos and even your location you are tweeting from, something similar to Foursquare. The new feature also offers auto-complete when trying “@” reply someone.

Users now have the ability to delete tweets that have been published, sending or viewing a DM in the hub, editing the users profile as well as blocking or reporting others as a spam. BlackBerry users finally gain features standard on other platforms with the inclusion of options to view full conversations, Quote or Retweet, and view a tweet’s details page.

If you own a BlackBerry 10 device, then you can download the updated version of the app from BlackBerry App World, click this link for BlackBerry App World.