Thuraya SatSleeve turns iPhone into a Satellite Phone

Since the inception of the very first iPhone from Apple, we have see a number of case that will make your handset rugged than the manufacturer intended the phone to be, and even cases that will boost the iPhone’s WiFi signal, but this is the first we have seen that will transform your iPhone into a Satellite phone.

Thuraya SatSleeveThuraya has announced its new iPhone case called the SatSleeve, the world’s first satellite adapter for the iPhone. The adapter is slightly larger than the iPhone and its purpose is to transform the iPhone into a satellite phone and provide easy and affordable access to mobile satellite communications.

Thurraya SatSleeveThe SatSleeve comes as two units, there’s a shell that attaches to your iPhone and the main unit comes with the built-in antenna allow the device to access satellite networks for communication when you are out of your carrier’s range.

The SatSleeve is simply to set up and use, download the SatSleeve app from the App Store and dock the iPhone into the SatSleeve, then you are ready to make calls and text messages in satellite mode. The SatSleeve adapter has micro USB port for charging and 3.5mm jack for headset. It provides up to 4 hours of talk time.