Angry Birds now Free for iOS Platform

Rovio is now extending its most popular title, Angry Birds game free of charge to devices that run the iOS operating system from Apple. In addition to making the popular game free, it seems that the company is also getting ready to announce that Angry Birds is the number one app of all time.

Angry BirdsAngry Birds game for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Angry Birds HD game for iPad are now all available for free on the iTunes store.

In addition to making the game free for the iOS devices, Rovio has also added 15 new levels to the game. Now that the app is available free for the iPhone, we are wondering how much more downloads it will get now that the app is free, specially that Apple might be making it app of the week.

With the game now free, we are wondering how much downloads it will now get, it was already getting one million downloads per day, so it might just get another million easy.