Tesla Model S gets its own Android App

If you are one of those consumers who decided to lower your carbon footprint by getting the Tesla Model S electric four-door sedan, then the company just announced that it has launched an app just for Android users.

The official Tesla Model S app gives drivers the ability to control various functions of the car directly from their android smartphones.

Tesla Model S Android AppThe app comes with all the functions you would expect from a luxury car companion, it allows the user to remotely access the vehicle, climate controls, power locks and a GPS locator just in-case some decides to take your car unauthorized.

The Telsa Model S android app also allows you to check your charge level without having to be near your car and also get reading of your current electrical range.

Tesla S Android AppUsers have the option to open and close the sunroof, control the lights and horn from just about anywhere, once you have their smartphones. The luxury car makers have noted that the app is presently in beta mode, and users may experience a few interface glitches while using it.