Motorola X Phone confirmed by Motorola Job Advertisement

We recently heard rumors that Google was planning to launch to introduces a new Android smartphone at this years I/O developers conference. The handset has been rumored to be made by the now Google owned Motorola, the smartphone is said to be called the Motorola X Phone.

Motorola Office BuildingInitially it was just a speculation but it seems that we now have confirmation that the new smartphone will indeed be called the Motorola X Phone, as a recent job listing by the company for a ‘Sr Director Product Management, X-Phone, however the job listing was later pulled from LinkedIn.

Other rumors speculate that the Motorola X Phone will come with the next major release of the Android mobile operating system which is said to be called the Android Key Lime Pie, which was also confirmed in the job listing. You can have a glimpse at the posted advert below:

Motorola X Phone Job Listing
Keep checking us on a daily basis, as we will keep you guys updated as more details of the Motorola X Phone surfaces online, and more details of Google’s Android platform next major update.

[Source: Phandroid]