Microsoft Blink app for Windows Phone announced

Blink Photo app for Windows Phone 8Since Microsoft and Nokia signed a deal for the phone manufacturer to make their Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system their official OS for their handset, the duo have been aiming to make the platform an attractive choice when it comes to mobile photography.

Microsoft Research just announced its new Blink app which comes from it lineup of Lens app, this new Windows Phone app give users a special burst mode enabling them to snap a series of 16 photos each time the user takes a picture, then it lets the user choose which picture is worth keeping.

It makes an awesome tool for those looking to take action photos, unfortunately the pictures taken by the Blink app is of less than the normal quality of your smartphone, it captures images with a maximum resolution of 800×488. Nevertheless, if the app sound like a good tool for you, then you can download it from the Windows Phone Store.